How to Install Visual Studio 2017

Step 1: Go To
Note: above links works only from within AUS!
Step 2: Click on Run.


Step 3: Click on Continue.


Step 4: Choose Visual Studio Professional 2017 and click on Install.


Step 5: To have the basic installation of VS2017 you just need to tick the first three options (.Net desktop development, Desktop development with C++, and Universal Windows Platform development).

Step 6: Optional: You can also choose other features (Web & cloud, Mobile & Gaming) if you need them, but do not forget that this will take a lot of space in your computer’s memory.

Step 7: Then Click on Install.


Step 8: When the installation is done, it will ask for a Restart.

Step 9: Then Launch the software, choose Not now, maybe later.

Step 10: Start Visual Studio.
Step 11: After you finish installation, please visit CEN IT office at ESB-1048C.

If you have any question, please send an email to [email protected]