How to use the Campus Access App.

The Campus Access application allows AUS Security to monitor access to buildings and the AUS campus. Upon entry and exit, AUS Security uses the application to scan valid QR codes presented by members of the AUS community. If a valid QR code is not shown, Security will refuse entry. Please watch the following video tutorial to learn how to scan QR codes using Campus Access: 

The video tutorial contains the following: 

  • How to sign a user in (0:07)
  • How to sign a user out (0:44)
  • What if the user exits the building without signing out (1:01)
  • What if the QR code does not work? (1:11)
  • What if the user has no QR code? (1:43)
  • Quick Tip (1:52)
  • IT Support Details (2:02)

Alternatively, click here to follow the process in the written step-to-step guide.