How do I report SPAM?

On Webmail

Step 1: Login to (for faculty and staff members) or (for students)

Step 2: Right Click on the Message suspected as SPAM and click on “Mark as Spam”.

NOTE: This will move the selected message to Junk, and will also help AUS mail gateways learn what you consider to be SPAM mail.


On Microsoft Outlook

Step 1: Select the Suspected Message.

Step 2: Move message directly to Junk Folder.


Step 1: Select the Suspected message.

Step 2: Click on Home Tab then click on More and Forward as attachment.

Step 3: Type to Address as

Step 4: Click on SEND.

On Apple Mail

Step 1: Select the Suspected Message

Step 2: Right Click on Message and Forward as Attachment

Step 3: Type in TO Address as

Step 4: Click on SEND

NOTE:  If you are using mail clients other than the above, please forward the Message as attachment to