How can I regularly backup my data on my laptop/PC?

Making regular backups of your data is of utmost importance and will keep your data safe should there be any hardware or software malfunctions.
Here are some backup solutions:

USB and Hard Drive: The easiest way to save your data is by making a copy of your relevant information at regular intervals. 

  • Documents, PowerPoint Presentations and Excel spreadsheets will fit into most USB drives.
  • Program Installations, Videos, Audio files and RAW Picture formats are best kept in external hard drives.
  • We recommend a personal Hard Drive of at least 500GB capacity to backup your data.  

CD/DVD: These optical disks ensure that your data is securely burned onto the disk.

U-Drive: Each faculty, student and staff member has their own personal AUS shared folder. Should you have sufficient space, we suggest you keep a copy of any information you are currently working on in this drive. For more information about using U-drive, please click here.

Google Drive: Cloud storage service offered at AUS, which enables users to backup their files and folders without having to occupy any physical storage. Please visit and sign in with your AUS credentials. For more information about Google Drive, please click here.