As a student, how many pages am I eligible to print in the labs and library?

All registered Undergraduate and Graduate students are credited at the beginning of every semester with the value of a number of free printing pages. This will allow you to print without charge from AUS labs upto that limit of free pages per semester. The free quota is:

All Semesters - 400 pages @ 25fils/page = AED 100

The charge rates are;

B&W A4: Single Page - 25 fils

B&W A4: Double Page - 35 fils

B&W A3: Single Page - 35 fils

B&W A3: Double Page - 49 fils

Color A4: Single Page -1 AED

Color A4: Double Page - 1.50 AED

Color A3: Single Page -1.50 AED

Color A3: Double Page - 2.25AED

When using plotters, the cost is 0.013 AED per inch printed. The approximate costs of different sizes are shown below.

Plotter A3 - 2.50 AED

Plotter A2 - 5 AED

Plotter  A1 - 10 AED

Plotter A0 - 20 AED