How do I record my personal verification/identification?

The voice mail system allows you to record your name or to establish personal verification/identification into your mailbox. This personal identification will be attached to any message you leave to any other extension.

To record the personal verification/identification:

Step 1: Dial 2999 to access the voice mail system.

Step 2: Enter your extension followed by pound key # , for example: 1234#.

Step 3: Enter your password followed by pound key #, for example: 13579#.

If you are using the voice mail system for the first time please follow the below steps, otherwise Press 5 twice and then perform the steps below:

Step 1: You must change your password at first login. Please enter a password that contains minimum of four digits.

Step 2: You can accept the system recorded name or you can choose to record your name yourself.

Step 3: If you choose to record your name, press 2 and at the tone please speak your name. After speaking your name press the pound key #.

Step 4: To re-record your name press 2.

Step 5: To end recording and approve, press 1.