How to login the AUS voice mail system and retrieve messages ?

Using an IP phone: press the "Message" button, otherwise Dial 2999 to access the voice mail system.

    NOTE: If you are off-campus dial +971-6-5152999 to access the voice mail system and then press the pound  "#" sign followed by your 4 digit extension number. i.e. 1234.  

Enter your 4 digit password followed by the pound "#" sign, i.e. 5678#

   NOTE: If you are accessing your mailbox for the first time, your initial password will be 13579. It is recommended to change your voice mail password as soon as you access your mailbox for the first time.

The system will tell you how many new massages you have. Use the commands below to work with your messages

To Listen to Messages:

   2     Plays the first new message
0  To listen to the message
*3  To delete the message
#  To skip to the next message
*4  For help at any time
**9  To disconnect/Exit the system

To Delete Messages:
When listening to a message, or immediately following a message press *3.
Hint: If you accidently delete a message, do not hang up. Just press **8 to restore it.