How can I access student AUS Studentmail ?

AUS student mail service can be accessed through any web browser, from any device and anywhere. 

To access the service, type URL in your web browser, then provide your AUS username and password to login.



Compose and Send Emails:

  • Click the "Compose" button on the top left-hand side of your GMAIL Inbox.


  • Type your recipient’s email address in the “To” field. To send a copy of the email to other recipients, you can use Cc and Bcc (copy and blind carbon copy) which will appear when you click on “To” and then click Cc or Bcc.


  •  Enter your subject in the “Subject” line, write your email in the body of the message and click on “Send” to send your email.

Attach a File:

You can attach a file into your email in many ways:

  • Drag and drop into the “Compose Email” window.
  • Or Click on the “Attach File” button, browse for the file and click “Open”.


Reply, Forward and Print your Email:

  • From your Inbox, click on the email you want to reply to or forward, then click on the down-headed arrow at the end of the subject line to do the following:


  • Click on the “Reply” icon to reply to the email or click on the “Forward” icon to forward it.


  • Enter your message in the box below, then click “Send
  • You can also choose to perform other actions like print, filter, report Spam, etc.