How can I set up my AUS email on iPhone/iPad?

Make sure to delete any existing AUS email configuration before performing this setup, you can keep your personal accounts.

Step 1: Go to Settings, choose “Mail”, then click on Accounts.

img1.jpg img1b.jpg

Step 2: Click on Add Account and select “Google” from the list.

img2a.jpg img2b.jpg

Step 3: Enter your AUS Email address ([email protected]), then click Next. You will be redirected to the “AUS Login Page” where you can enter your AUS username and AUS Password.

Step 5: Enter your AUS username as ([email protected]), make sure to write the username with and click Next.
Step 6: Enter your password on the next prompt and click Sign in.

Step 7: Select “Save” to access your email through the application.