How do I access Shared/Delegated accounts?

Step 1: Login to (for faculty and staff members) or (for students).

Step 2: Click on your name on the top right corner which will show all the Delegates/Shared accounts you have access to in the drop down menu. Click on the account name to open that account in a new tab.


Step 3: You will also be able to “Send As” the delegated/Shared account from your inbox itself. Click on Compose and then from the drop-down menu select the account you want to “Send As”.


Step 4: A copy of every email sent to the shared/delegated account is forwarded to your account as well. Under a ”label” with the same name as the shared account. Click on the label to see all the emails.

NOTE: Deleting an email from your inbox deletes it for you only, the emails are still available inside the delegated/shared inbox.