Digital Measures FAQ's

What is Digital Measures?
Digital Measures is a software company that provides and supports Faculty Reporting software, such as Activity Insight, to collect faculty's teaching, research and service information.  

How do I login to Activity Insight?
Launch a web browser and use the following URL: You will find the login link to the system on the landing page.

Do I already have an account?
Yes. All faculty members have accounts. If you are having problems, please contact the IT Help Desk on 06 515 2121 or [email protected]

Once my information is in the system, how will the data be used?
The system is designed for an individual to enter information that can be used in multiple ways. The most common expected uses for information in the system include allowing faculty to generate their annual reports.
Please note that the information in the system is intended to be used for multiple purposes with a variety of potential audiences and should be considered public record. Therefore, anything that might be considered confidential, secure or private should not be entered into Digital Measures.

Who has access to the information in Digital Measures?
Faculty members have access to their own accounts. Head of Departments, selected administrators in college/school, and other individuals within the appropriate deans' offices can access faculty accounts. For any specific information related to this, please contact your college Activity Insight Administrator.

Do I have to enter information myself?
Units across campus have chosen a variety of ways to ensure that items are entered into the system. Some units have asked faculty to enter items individually while others have relied on administrative assistants to help. The system is structured in such a way that others can be given access to accounts to aid with entering information.

I can't find a a particular category. Where should this data go?
Any questions regarding where a specific type of data should be entered within Activity Insight should be directed to your Head of Department/Dean.

Can I attach documents to Activity Insight?
Activity Insight supports the uploading and storage of files related to certain categories. These screens will explicitly include the option to upload a file.

My password is not working in Activity Insight.
The password for Activity Insight is the same as your AUS network login. If you already have an Activity insight account, and are having login issues or any questions regarding passwords contact the AUS IT Service Desk at 06 515 2121.

How do I ensure my bio and publication data gets published on AUS website?
Faculty can select which publication gets published on the public website by selecting Yes/No for each publication article in Activity Insight.
Note: Any publication record selected to be published on web profile in Activity Insight will go to AUS public website under faculty profile without approval.
Please contact [email protected] and explain that you have updated your profile on Digital Measures and want it to be reflected on your AUS profile.

Who is responsible for entering faculty data?
As a whole, faculty are responsible for entering their own data and confirming any imported data (from AUS systems and/or citation systems) is correct. While the use of data proxies (e.g., staff) is technically allowable, any decision to allocate such resources to this task is left to the discretion of college/school.

Activity Insight has many data fields on the Activities screen. Do faculty have to complete all of these?
No, not every screen or field is relevant to every faculty member and certain screens and fields will also be populated from other systems. Not all fields available on the screen are required to be completed.

What is the difference between “Rapid Reports” and “Run Reports”?
“Rapid Reports” only runs a report for the person who is logged into Activity Insight, or for whomever you are managing data for. “Run Reports” allows you to choose a single report for multiple individuals if you have access rights to manage other users.