Guidelines for sharing information on Google Drive


Provide the American University of Sharjah (AUS) community with guidelines to ensure that AUS Google Drive is utilized in a manner that maximizes business benefits and minimizes the risks of information leakage. 


1. The guidelines apply to all current and potential users (faculty, staff, students, alumni and others) of the AUS provided Google Drive.

2. The guidelines are applicable to information shared with external users outside of AUS (not part of AUS faculty, staff, students, and alumni). However, it is still advisable to follow these guidelines for sharing information within the AUS network (Google Drive users).


AUS Google Drive users are advised to follow the guidelines mentioned below:

  1. Only official documents, including documents that only you need to access, should be saved on AUS provided Google Drive.
  2. Sensitive Information: Users are advised not to share personal and sensitive information, as outlined in the AUS privacy policy published at, with users outside of AUS using Google Drive. This includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Government identifiers (such as Emirates ID, Passport numbers, etc.),
    2. Personal details (such as date of birth, next of kin details, driver license information, professional & personal membership details, etc.),
    3. Country of origin information (such as Nationality, Country of birth, etc.),
    4. Medical history and identification numbers (such as medical information & record, health insurance identifiers, allergies, disabilities, immunization details, psychological reports, etc.),
    5. Students’ academic details (attendance record, student id, etc.),
    6. Financial information (credit card details, bank account details, etc.),
    7. Details of religious beliefs,
    8. Contact details (address and contact numbers) of AUS faculty, staff, students, alumni, contractors, employee references and etc.,
    9. Judicial record (court orders, criminal information, etc.),
    10. Regulatory accreditations.
  3. The use of the AUS Google Drive must comply with the AUS Acceptable Use Policy & Procedure Sharing information on Google       Drive provided by AUS. Hence, it should not be used for:
    1. sharing material that could be considered hateful, that contains obscene material, or that promotes or instructs on hacking or criminal activities,
    2. unauthorized copying and sharing of copyrighted material,
    3. sharing malicious and infected files or programs.