Planning and Self Study Tool (P&SS)

Welcome to the Planning & Self Study Tool (P&SS)

Planning and Self-Study (P&SS) is an Assessment reporting tool that allows academic programs and administrative units to report on their Course Learning Outcomes, Program Learning Outcomes, Success Outcomes and KPIs and tie them to the American University of Sharjah's Strategic Plan, General Education Outcomes and other elements of interest. 

P&SS provides an extensive list of Direct and Indirect assessment instruments to utilize in one's reporting and can be accessed remotely off-campus.

When implemented, this tool will be the source of all course files for AUS.

Link to access P&SS tool -

Links to Helpful Information

Heads of Departments or Designated Users

How to Add a Program Learning Outcome and Mission Statement

How to Add Course to Your Program

How to Assign Faculty as Leads for Courses

How to Map Course Learning Outcomes to Program Learning Outcomes

How to Review a Course Assessment Submission

How to Assign Leads to Programs 

How to Add Measures for Program Learning Outcomes

How to Add Results to Measures for Program Learning Outcomes

Faculty or Designated Users  

How to Enter Course Learning Outcomes

How to Add Measures to Course Learning Outcomes

How to Enter Results to Measures for Course Learning Outcomes


If you have any technical issues using the Planning and Self Study tool, please contact [email protected].