WebAssign: How do I Install & test WebAssign LockDown Browser on Mac?

This guide consists of three parts to help you install and test WebAssign LockDown Browser OEM  on Mac. 

  • Part I: System Check
  • Part II: Install WebAssign Lockdown Browser on Mac machine
  • Part III: Test WebAssign Lockdown Browser

Part I: System Check

Cengage web-based learning platforms require broadband internet access and supported web browsers and plugins. Before installing WebAssign check the following:

  • System Requirement:
  • Supported Browsers:
Make sure to check the system requirements through: https://webassign.net/manual/student_guide/common/system-requirements.htm
  • System Check:
Use the browser check tool to see if you need to update your browser or install missing plugins through: https://ng.cengage.com/static/browsercheck/index.html
Note: If you are using Google Chrome, Flash will always be disabled since it’s not supported.
  • Browser Settings:
Configure the following settings in your web browser: https://webassign.net/manual/student_guide/common/browser-settings.htm.
  • Bowser Plugins:
Some content and tools might require the following browser plugins: https://webassign.net/manual/student_guide/common/browser-plugins.htm.

For WebAssign Student Help, go to https://webassign.net/manual/student_guide/introduction.htm.
Part II: Install WebAssign LockDown Browser on Mac

Step 1: Go to  https://webassign.com/instructors/features/secure-testing/lockdown-browser/ to install WebAssign lockdown browser.

Step 2: Download the software. 


Step 3: Follow the steps below to install WebAssign Lockdown.

  • Click Continue.


  • Click Continue.


  • Click Install.


  • Enter your computer's credentials.
  • Click on Install Software.


  • Click Close.


  • Click Move to Trash.


Step 4: Confirm that the application was installed and appears in the Applications folder.

Part III: Test WebAssign Lockdown Browser

Step 1: Go to  https://webassign.com/instructors/features/secure-testing/lockdown-browser/ to test the WebAssign lockdown browser.

Step 2: Click on Test Lockdown Browser Installation.

Step 3: Click on Open LockDown Browser OEM.



  • Click OK.


  • Click OK.


  •  Click on Quit LockDown Browser OEM. 


  • Navigate to System Preferences.
  • Click on Sharing.


  • Make sure the following checkboxes are not checked:
    • Screen Sharing
    • Remote Login
    • Remote Management
    • Remote Apple Events

 Step 4: Back on the WebAssign website, click on Test Lockdown Browser Installation again.


Step 5: Click on Click here, as shown below. 

Note: To verify that the WebAssign LockDown Browser has been successfully installed, you should be able to click the button below and close the WebAssign LockDown browser.