How to use Kahoot

Step 1
Visit and click on Sign up.


Step 2
Set the account type to be Teacher and the workplace to be Higher Education.



Step 3
Sign up with your AUS email. 


Step 4
To use the free version, choose the standard account type by clicking on Thanks, maybe later. You can also upgrade to Pro, Premium, and Premium+ subscriptions to get access to additional features.
Note: Standard account allows upto 50 players or participants 


Step 5
When prompted, fill in and save your details. 


Step 6
Using the main screen, you can Create and View Kahoots, and analyze Reports to assess students’ performance or review participants' feedback.


Step 7
To create a Kahoot, click on Create (as shown above). You can choose and edit a template or create a new Kahoot as shown below.


Step 8
Once the screen is loaded, you will see two main options: Settings and Add question.


Step 9
To begin setting up your kahoot, click on Settings.  

  1. In the screen that pops up, enter the title and a short description of the kahoot. 
  2. The default location of a kahoot is My Kahoots, which can be found under Kahoots on the main screen (refer to step 6). If required, change the location using the Save to option.
  3. Make the kahoot private or public by changing the Visibilty to ‘Only you’ or ‘Everyone’, respectively.
  4. Add a cover image, lobby video and audio to make your kahoot more enaging. 

Note: Title can have up to 76 characters, while the description can have up to 90 characters


Step 10
Once the setup is complete, you can now start adding questions using the Add question option. Kahoot! has 8 different questions categories, however, standard account users have access to 2 mostly commonly used question types: Quiz and True or False.


Step 11
After selecting the question type, enter the question and answers.  

  1. Make sure to set the appropriate time limit and points for each question.
  2. Add supporting images or videos by uploading files from your computer or attaching browser links. 
  3. Answers can be text, number, or image based. Once all the answers have been entered, specify the correct option by clicking on the circle (see figure below). 

Note: You can select more than 1 correct answers


Step 12
Click on Done to save and exit the Kahoot.


Step 13
To host a Kahoot, navigate to the Kahoot tab on the main screen (refer to step 6). Then, locate the relevant Kahoot and click on Play


Step 14
On the screen that appears, choose a way to play the Kahoot. For an in-class activity, choose the Teach option, while Assign can be used for a take-home assignment.


Step 15
If the Teach option is selected, you will be redirected to the following webpage.  

  1. Click and expand Game options to access the advanced settings. 
  2. Choose Classic or Team mode depending on the activity type to begin the Kahoot.


Step 16
Share your screen with the audience and instruct them to join using on their computers or with the Kahoot! App on their mobile devices. A unique game pin will grant them access to the ongoing Kahoot. Once the players have joined, you can now begin your Kahoot by clicking on Start.  

Note: Use the lock button on this screen to prevent players from entering the game or Kahoot