How to Edit a Panopto Video

If you want to locate a Panopto recording, please refer to the following ITFAQ article:


In this guide you will learn how to edit videos using Panopto. A prerequisite to using this tool is that you must first have creator access. If you are unsure if you have access or not, please contact [email protected].

1. Open the Video

1.1. In your video library, hover the video you want to edit and click the Edit button.


1.2. The video will open in Panopto's editor.


2. Change Video Title

2.1. You can change the title of your video by clicking on the title bar and updating the text. Click Enter when you're finished.


3. Timeline

3.1. The timeline is at the bottom of the editor. It consists of a separate row for each stream recorded in the video.


3.2.  When you play the video, you will see the red vertical bar move along the timeline


4. Trim the Video

4.1.  To trim a video, you will select the cut tool.


4.2.  When you select the cut tool, you will see a dark gray line appear at the beginning and end of the timeline.


4.3.  Play your video from the beginning and pause it right before you'd like it to start. Select the cut tool and click and drag the gray line to trim out the section of the video. 

Note: The gray line will snap into position with the red one, this will allow you to be more precise with your cuts.


4.4. You perform the same steps to cut out the end of the video, and you can click and drag in the middle of the timeline to trim those sections as well.


4.5.  Cut sections will always appear in the timeline but will not playback in the Panopto viewer once you publish your changes. That is because Panopto's editor is non-destructive, and we always want to make sure you are able to re-add those sections back into your video at any time if necessary.

4.6.  Click Apply when you are done making your changes.