How to calculate your GPA using the P/NP grading system.

The Pass/No Pass grade option is available for Fall 2020 semester final grades. 

Please click here to access the excel file that can be used to calculate your Semester GPA and your cumulative GPA in the event that you change any of your letter grades this semester to the P/NP grading system. Before you begin please note the following:

  • The file is designed to assist you in your decision on whether to change grades to the P/NP grading system. It is only​ a guide and will not actually change any of your grades.
  • You need to seek advice from your academic advisor regarding choosing the P/NP option for any course(s).
  • You have until 5:00pm, January 7, to submit (or rescind) your P/NP request form which can be found here. Please write legibly and send it to: [email protected]u. Forms will be processed beginning January 8.

The following video tutorial will show you how to calculate your GPA using the P/NP grading system: 

Best of luck with your finals!