Banner In-House Modules

Service Description 

This service includes a vast collection of Banner In-House modules developed to fulfill various AUS needs and requirements by complimenting Banner Baseline modules such as Student Dorm Management, UHC Patient Encounter and Public Relations.

Activities included

  • Design, Development, Deployment, Support and Maintenance of custom Banner modules and systems based on AUS administrative needs and requirements.
  • Provide usage consulting and troubleshooting.
  • Provide continuous enhancements based on new needs and requirements.

Activities Not included

  • Provide end-users with data extracts.
Service Availability 

Maximum planned downtime is < 87.6 hours out of 8,760 hours per year.

Clients of this Service: 
Available Training 

No end-user training is provided to clients on how to utilize the Banner In-House Modules. However, each functional department is to identify a module expert who will provide functional training to employees who use the Banner In-House module.

How to Request the Service 

To request access to Banner In-House Modules, respective module owners/directors must request access via the IT Helpdesk.

The following information must be provided:

  • Name
  • AUS email
  • Banner ID
  • Access Role Details
  • Justification

For Customization requests, respective module owner/director must submit and approve Banner Change Request Forms.

New system requests approved by respective module owners/directors must be submitted with complete scope of work and details to IT project manager for evaluation and scheduling.

How to Access the Service 

Access to Banner In-House Modules is via web browser at  using INB account credentials.


This service is provided to clients without any fees.

Further Information or Support  

Contact the IT Helpdesk by any of the following options:

Option On Campus  off Campus International Calls
Phone 2100 option 3 06 515 2100 option 3 +971 6 515 2100 option 3
IT Helpdesk Website
Email [email protected]

Please have the following information available:

  •     AUS identification number.
  •     A brief description of the problem.
  •     Location of the client.
Service Category: