Collaboration Services

Service Description 

This service includes support for the following collaboration services.

  • iLearn Communities – Portal for creating online campus communities (clubs, departments, organizations)
  • Video Portal – Cloud based Video Portal and Lecture capturing service. Web based system that allows users to view videos on-demand.
  • Web Conferencing – Cloud based Web Conferencing that allows the creation of virtual offices for users and natively integrated with the Learning Management System (iLearn)
  • Digital signage – Deliver and manage content, On-demand video, motion graphics, web pages and dynamic content.

Activities included

  • Deployment, maintenance and support for iLearn Communities
  • Deployment, configuration, support and maintenance for Lecture Capture and Video Portal
  • Deployment, Configuration and support for Web Conferencing services.
  • Setting up digital media players and screens across campus and assisting with requests for mobile screen units for certain events.
  • Assisting and training support staff and end users on how to best utilize the services.
  • See Appendix for more detailed information. 

Activities Not included

  • Creation of digital content
Service Availability 

Maximum planned downtime is < 87.6 hours out of 8,760 hours per year.

Available Training 

No end user training is provided to clients on how to utilize the service.

How to Request the Service 

To request access to iLearn communities, Lecture Capture, Video Portal, Web Conferencing and Digital signage services, please contact IT Service Desk.

Requests related to the Digital signage content that is displayed on the screens should be directed to “Strategic Communication and Marketing Department” Once they approve the content, the IT Department will load the content into the digital signage system.

New Digital Signage requests approved by respective system-owners must be submitted with complete scope of work and details to IT Service Desk for evaluation and scheduling.

The following information must be provided:

  • Name
  • AUS email
  • Request Details
  • Justification
How to Access the Service 

The Video portal can be accessed by visiting and is available to both on and off campus clients. The Video Portal is also available by clicking the Videos tab in iLearn.



This service is provided to clients without any fees.

Further Information or Support  

Contact the IT Service Desk by any of the following options:

Option On Campus  off Campus International Calls
Phone 2100 option 3 06 515 2100 option 3 +971 6 515 2100 option 3
IT Service Desk Website
Email [email protected]

Please have the following information available:

  •     AUS identification number.
  •     A brief description of the problem.
  •     Location of the client.

iLearn Communities:
Faculty, staff and Student
Faculty, staff, students and alumni can access any community site (organization) in which they have a valid membership. A community site could be created for any group of people who share the same interest or have to work together (clubs, departments, committees, etc.). Community members shall agree on one client (community site leader) who will be given full privileges on the site and he/she will be responsible of updating its membership, content, and access rights.

Guests are not allowed to access courses or organizations.  However, they can still access publicly available content through links generated by those who can access the system.
Video Portal and Lecture Capture:
Faculty and staff
Faculty and staff can:
Add media files to the video portal can request an upload license
Reserve and use lecture halls that are setup with recording equipment and retain copies of the recorded session for archival purposes, or request that the recorded content be made available to members of the community through the video-portal
Faculty members must contact AUS Library whenever they need to add a title on video reserves
Instructors teaching a semester course can do lecture capture and make their lectures immediately available to enrolled students
Students can:
View any public videos & videos that have been posted by a faculty or staff member
Students request to use video conferencing or capturing facilities when sponsored by a faculty or staff member
Guests have access to public videos on the video portal through the public links.
Web Conferencing:
Faculty and staff
Faculty and Staff can:
Request a Virtual Meeting Room where they can hold online collaboration sessions with other users for both on-campus and off-campus access
Instructors teaching a course or organization leaders on iLearn can schedule an online meeting/conference with all the members of the course or organization
Attend web conferences shared using a link or through iLearn
Students can attend web conferences shared using a link or through iLearn.

Guests can attend web conferences shared using a link.