Desktop Fax

Service Description 

This service includes support for the following:

Desktop-Faxing, which allows users to receive a hard copy fax messages from their computers without the need for a physical fax machine or dedicated fax line. Incoming faxes are received as email attachments and the sending of a fax can be initiated from a physical fax machine.

Activities included

  • Provide access to receive Fax messages through the voice mail system.
  • Configure email account or application client (i.e. MS Outlook) to receive Fax Messages.
  • Provide available/new fax number.
  • Configure physical Fax Machine.

Activities Not included

  • Sending Faxes From Desktop.
  • Application clients that are not installed and/or supported by AUS.
  • Personnel Email accounts.
Service Availability 

Sunday – Thursday: 08:00 – 17:00, Excluding the university holidays.

Clients of this Service: 
Available Training 

End-user training is available upon request.

How to Request the Service 

Clients are required to submit Fax support requests via any of the IT Service Desk available options - See Further Information or Support.

Eligible clients are Faculty and Staff in all campus buildings except staff housing buildings.

They are eligible for the following support:

  • Receive faxes to their computer.
  • Deliver faxes electronically through email to individual or multiple email accounts and other clients applications.
  • View faxes of any size or page orientation through email.
  • Access received faxes from anywhere (both on and off campus).
  • Use telephone number as a fax number.
  • Request to create a group fax and a new fax number.
How to Access the Service 

Desktop Fax service is available to the client upon request.


This service is provided to clients without any fees.

Further Information or Support  

Contact the IT Helpdesk by any of the following options:

Option On Campus  off Campus International Calls
Phone 2100 option 3 06 515 2100 option 3 +971 6 515 2100 option 3
IT Helpdesk Website
Email [email protected]

Please have the following information available:

  •     AUS identification number.
  •     A brief description of the problem.
  •     Location of the client.