Student ID Management

Service Description 

This service includes support for the generation and management of Applicant and Student Network IDs.

Activities Include:

  • Maintain the system to automatically generate applicant and student IDs.

Activities Not Include:

  • Manual creation of generic or shared network directory accounts to grant guest access to university computers (in computer labs or general computer areas) or wireless internet access.
Service Availability 

Maximum planned downtime is < 87.6 hours out of 8,760 hours per year.

Clients of this Service: 
Available Training 

No end-user training is provided to clients on how to utilize the service.

How to Request the Service 

All applicants, registered students and individuals/organizations requiring access to AUS academic IT services.

Clients are required to submit problems with academic IDs via any of the IT Service desk available options - See Further Information or Support.  

How to Access the Service 

Applicant and Registered Students have their accounts automatically created once they are entered into the Banner Student System. 

Faculty members will need to request access for external individuals/organizations for temporary access to AUS academic IT services.

Unauthorized access or access using generic (non-named) accounts is not allowed.


This service is provided to clients without any fees.

Further Information or Support  

Request to grant guest access to university computers (in computer labs or general computer areas) using shared accounts will not be honored. If such access is required, it can only be granted using individual accounts that are created uniquely for each person. Manual creation of user accounts will not be done under any circumstances.

A process is defined on Banner that automates account creation for outreach students, and involves collecting minimal information about the users and access duration before the accounts are created. Only accounts generated using this process will be allowed to login to campus computers; all other guest access will be provided with general internet access through Wi-Fi only.

Please contact us using the details below if you need more information about the Banner process:

Option On Campus  off Campus International Calls
Phone 2100 option 3 06 515 2100 option 3 +971 6 515 2100 option 3
IT Service desk Website
Email [email protected]

Please have the following information available:

  •     AUS identification number.
  •     A brief description of the problem.
  •     Location of the client.
Service Category: