How can I enable Blackboard Collaborate during Respondus LockDown Browser?

You will first need to create a new session on Blackboard Collaborate for the course exam. 

Step 1: Access Blackboard Collaborate Ultra from the "Tools" menu in your course and Create Session


Step 2: Name your session. Example "NGN110 Final Exam" 


Step 3: Set the Start and End Date and Time. 

Note: You may need to allow some time before or after the exam. 
Step 4: Under Session Settings disable the following options (refer to picture in Step 5): 
  • Anonymize chat messages 
  • Share audio 
  • Share video 
  • Draw on whiteboard 
Step 5: Under Session Settings enable the following options:
  • Post chat messages
  • Participants can only chat privately with moderators 
  • Moderators supervise all private chats


Step 6: Copy the Guest Access link to paste it into your Test instructions. 


Step 7: On your iLearn Course page, under Course Management, select "Course Tools".


Step 8: In the drop-down menu under Course Tools, select "Tests, Surveys and Pools". 

Step 9: Select Tests to edit and add your Guest link to the Test Instructions. 

Note: If you already have an existing Test follow from Step 11. If you need to build a test, follow Step 10 and continue from Step 13. 

Step 10: Click on Build Test to start a new test (continued from Step 13). 


Step 11: Click on the small arrow next to your existing Test and select "Edit" from the drop-down menu. 


Step 12: Click on the small arrow next to the Test Title and select "Edit" from the drop-down menu. 


Step 13: In the Instructions box, type in your instructions regarding the Blackboard Collaborate Session for your students. To add the link, highlight the text "link" and click on the Hyperlink icon on the format bar as shown below. 

For example: Please click on this link if you would like to chat with the instructor. When asked for your name, provide your full name with student ID (John Smith – b00012345). 

Step 14: On the resulting window, paste the Guest Link from Step 6 in "Link Path" and under the Target menu, select "Open in New Window (_blank)". Then click on Insert. 


Step 15: Click Submit on your Test to save the changes.