Polls and Reports on Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

This article consists of the following sections: 

  1. How to create polls on Blackboard Collaborate Ultra
  2. How to download poll results and session reports from Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

1. Follow the steps below to create a poll on Blackboard Collaborate Ultra:

Step 1: Once the session is running, go to the Share Content gear icon on the bottom-right corner of the Collaborate Panel.

Step 2: Under Secondary Content, click on the Polling option from the list.


Step 3: Select Multiple Choice or Yes/No Choices from the Polling menu.

Step 4: Type the poll question and the answer choices. If you are using Multiple Choice, you can enter up to 5 answer choices.

             Note: Poll questions can have up to 110 characters, while the answer choices can have up to 90 characters

Step 5: Click on Start to begin the poll.


Step 6: To end a poll, open Polling (as shown in step 2) and select End the poll


2. Follow the steps below to download a poll or report from Blackboard Collaborate Ultra:

Step 1: Once the session has ended, go to Collaborate Ultra home page and open Sessions from the left navigation menu.


Step 2: Locate the session you want to download the poll or report from and click on Session Options.

Step 3: Next to your session, select View reports from the drop-down menu.


Step 4: Download the poll results by clicking on Download poll results.

Step 5: To view the session report on Collaborate, click on View report.


Step 6: Once the report is open, click on Export to CSV to save it as an excel file.


The poll results are saved in an excel file. This document will contain names of all attendees, their responses, and the exact time of response.


Similarly, the session report will contain names of all attendees, joining and leaving time, and the total duration of stay.