Bb Collaborate Ultra no longer works with LockDown Browser. Error message "Chrome 78 isn't supported"

Issue description

Instructors who wish to monitor their students live during a LockDown Broswer exam adds a URL to a Bb Collaborate Session on the iLearn exam page. Students will click on the link and join the Bb Collaborate session on the LockDown Browser in a new tab.

This is now has been reported no longer working. Students will not be connected to the Bb Collaborate session and will get the error message "Chrome 78 isn't support"



Bb Collaborate usually updates its browser version requirements more frequently. On Chrome the current version required at the time of this article is Chrome 79. LockDown Browser is a Chromium based browser that is currently at version 78 which is not supported by Bb Collaborate. That's the reason why Bb Collaborate doesn't currently work under Respondus Lockdown Browser.


  1. The version of Chrome browser currently installed on a system doesn't affect the Chromium version of LockDown Browser
  2. There is no workaround for this and we are still investigating. Trials have been conducted using Google Meet as an alternative, but were unsuccessfull