How to add images to a Calculated Formula question

Blackboard's updated Content Editor has a new change. Where previously you could paste images off webpages for Calculated Formula question, you will now need to insert images in the question box of the Calculated Formula question by adding it to the HTML code. For all other question types, you can click the (+) icon and choose to Add a Local File. 

Please see the steps below to  add images to a Calculated Formula question: 
Step 1: Add all images to the Collections folder of the course, as shown below.

 Step 2: Click on Upload.


Step 3: Copy the Link Address (URL) of the image that was uploaded to the Collections folder, as shown below.

Step 4: Open the HTML code window of the text box, and click on (< >) icon
 Insert the following at the location you want for the image: 
<img src="the URL you got from the content collection of the course">