Final Exam Settings for Repondus Lockdown and Monitor (Faculty Information Sheet)


This guide will walk faculty through setting up the Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor to allow on campus students to take the test with the Lockdown Browser but without the Monitor, while requiring remote students to take the same test with the Monitor engaged.

This guide assumes knowledge of deploying iLearn tests and working knowledge of how to use the Respondus Lockdown Browser.

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Engaging the Lockdown Browser and Monitor [back to top]

Once the test has been created and deployed, with all the test options set up, and you are ready to engage the Respondus Lockdown Browser, continue.

Under Course Management, under Course Tools, click on the Respondus Lockdown Browser tool.


Click on the down arrow next to your final exam, and then click on Settings:

Change the setting to Require Respondus Lockdown Browser for this exam.


You MUST put in a password; this process will not accept a blank.  This password will be given out to the On Campus students when they begin the exam.  It enables them to take the test without the monitor.  Recommendation: keep it short but unguessable.

Thus, the safeguarding of the password becomes very important.  It is highly recommended that this password be changed a few minutes after On Campus students begin the final exam.  The new password should NEVER be given out to students.  If a student arrives late, then the new password should be typed into the late student’s computer without revealing it.


Next, change the setting to Require Respondus Monitor for this exam.


And finally, expand the advanced settings that appear BELOW the Require Respondus Monitor radio button you just clicked.  then tick the box to Allow this exam to additionally be delivered in a proctored lab.


Don’t forget to press Save and Close.

The Test can now be taken by students on campus who will be given the password in person, and by students remotely who have no access to the password.

The Student’s View  [back to top]

The Students’ experience will be slightly different than usual.  After they open the Lockdown Browser, sign into iLearn, navigate to their course, and click on their final exam link, they will get a list of instructions (as normal) and a Begin button (again, as normal).  When they click Begin, they will get this screen:


Remote students, who will not have the proctor password, need merely click Continue to proceed through the normal Respondus Monitor webcam checks, then take the exam.

On Campus students need to type in the proctor password into the box (the radio button will automatically switch to “I’m at a proctored location” if they have not clicked there themselves), and then click Continue.  They will still be taking the test with the Lockdown Browser, but they will not be using the Monitor, and will begin the exam directly.

Knowing Which Students Took the Test on Campus, and Which Students Took the Test Remotely [back to top]

It is possible to know which students took a proctored exam, and which students took a Monitored exam, even while the tests are in progress.  To see, start from the Respondus Lockdown Browser Tool, click the down arrow, and then click on Class Results.

In the list of students, you can see which students took a proctored test, as they will be labeled Lab Session, and will display as Not Finished if still in progress.



Remote students will show up like below, denoted by Webcam Session, again, first one is in progress and the second is completed.



Recommended Exam Options [back to top]

Finally just a reminder of some test option settings,  Ed Tech strongly recommends:

  • Make sure the test options have:
    • Make Available to Students set to Yes.
    • Correct Date and Times for Display From and Display Until
    • If your test has images, pictures, or graphs inserted, the Display Until Date/Time must extend for the entire duration of the test.
  • Do NOT tick the box Force Completion in the test options.

Any questions, please contact Ed Tech through and we will be happy to help.