What is the UAE Federal Decree-Law No.(5) of 2012 all about, and why do I need to know about it?

The UAE Federal Decree-Law No. (5) is a law that was published in 2012 on combating cybercrime. The articles of this law highlight a number of computer and online related activities and how they would be dealt with under the law.  It addresses subjects such as IT security, invasion of privacy, malicious and illegal activities including hacking, fraud, improper system use, defamation, threats to state security, terrorism, insult to religions, and many more.

Everyone should take the time to familiarize themselves with this law. Users should always exercise good judgment when using any information system.

Please note that this law applies to the use of any Information Technology systems within the UAE.

Additional commentary on the law can also be found at the following link: cyber-crimes-1.1104040

A copy of the law can be found on the Ministry of Justice website at: cybercrimes_5_2012_en.pdf