How can I upload scans/pictures of my answer sheet from my phone onto Lockdown Browser?

You can either follow the step-to-step guide below or this video tutorial: 

If the video does not play, open it on another tab through the expand icon on the top-right corner. 

Step 1: On your computer, download Drive File Stream using the steps shown in the below articles: 
            For Windows: 
            For Mac:
This will allow you to access your Google Drive as a local folder on your computer. 

Step 2: On your phone, download the Google Drive application through the App store or Play store.  

Step 3: Log in to Google Drive using your AUS credentials. 
Step 4: Take a picture of your answer sheet and open it in your "Gallery". 
Step 5: Select the photo (or multiple photos) and from the “Upload” menu select “Google Drive” as the destination. 

lb-step-50.jpg      lb-step-5.jpg
Step 6: This will open Google Drive in a pop-up window. Select "My Drive" and then the folder you would like to upload your pictures to. Click on Save Here.
Pre-set a labeled folder in your Drive File Stream so it is easier to locate. 

lb-step-61.jpg     lb-step-62.jpg

Step 7: Once you have selected the folder, you will be re-directed. Click on Upload on the top-right corner to begin. 


Once uploaded, it will automatically appear in your Drive File Stream (on your Computer) in the same location. 
Step 8: On your Lockdown Browser, click on Browse My Computer under your question.


Step 9: Locate the Drive File Stream on the pop-up. 

Step 9: From the folder you have uploaded your pictures to, select the picture you would like to attach to the question. Click Open.


Step 10: This will complete the upload. Once done, you can submit by clicking on Save and Submit.